Larkspur B-17  A Trip with Michael to Hill 8487  (Monday Sept. 3, 2001)

After losing my job on Aug 24 it was a struggle to continue arranging to do things as before. But this airplane hunt seemed like a good idea. So this show went on.

The Characters:  Michael Minovich - Had been to the site 4 times several years ago. Agreed to take the gang.

                         Ron Miller - yours truly

                         Ron Miller, Sr.  - my father.

                         Shannon Kelly - Wreckchasing enthusiast. Was on previous trips.

                         Jason Durbin - New wreckchaser. GPS/Map guy.

                        Roxann Lane- Had been to Crown Point B-17 with me and a gang and is a new wreckchasing enthusiast

                        Nelum Romanos- a former co-worker of mine from HP who had been on the same Crown Point hike with Roxann

                       Phillip (?)  - Nelum's boyfriend who thinks I have a wierd hobby. (Why, yes. Yes I do!)


We met Michael at the intersection of Rampart Range Rd. and Forest Rd. 327.  Vehicles all piled up the road including Michael's cadillac on the 4WD road.  Michael parked us a bit down the hill from where I'd previously parked.

We saddled up and followed Michael. He led us to a creek with trail beside it and we made good time for at least a mile or more before realizing that we weren't in the right place.  So we studied the map and changed course climbing a ridge and heading for the top of the Starr Creek drainage.

At some point along the way Michael's knees gave him trouble and he started limping along.   Quite awhile later we plunged into Starr Creek drainage and spread out to look. Michael couldn't go on so Dad gave him a Talkabout and parked him on a rock while the rest of us looked at the side of Hill 8487. Shannon and I recognized places we'd already looked.

We didn't find the airplane. So the gang climbed the ridge to the SE of Starr Creek to gain the motorcycle trail and headed for the car. I tried a desperate plunge to the creek where I found enormous boulders, heavy brush and hillside so steep that to get back up to the group I was down to hands and knees for many stretches.  

Michael joined us on the ridge crest. Dad and Shannon walked together while I hung back with Michael ultimately giving him my hiking stick and finally tricking him out of his pack in order that he climb the hill near the cabin more easily.

At the end of a long day I can say we saw some woods, hiked with some friends, and didn't find it. Michael is embarassed and we're all wondering why the plane is so hard to find.

Home Moggie!  


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