Trip to Montana on 1988 BMW R100GS Motorcycle- June 2018

Days 5,6 and 7 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

I'm not going to recount the weekend but will just give some pictures and a few comments.

Since the rain came and went until Sunday we mostly hung around the house and back porch.
I put new strings on Steve's acoustic guitar. I'd found it was tuned up one step too high and
the strings were crusty which made it hard to play.

The crowd watches as Steve unboxes camping gear sent by a distant soon-to-attendee which had a special surprise inside.

Mike is carving his name in Steve's table with a Dremel tool.  Steve's idea to immortalize the event. (mine is in there too)

Steve is a drummer thus the real drumset downstairs and the electronic set upstairs

John got a cold while there so- sleeping. (Mine seemed more like allergies but not sure)

My tent in the rain. I put the poncho over the instruments on my bike.

Sam the Border Collie is the fetching-est dog I've ever seen.  He'll throw the stick down at your feet to get you to throw it. If you don't throw it he'll pick it up and throw it at someone else's feet. He wants to fetch until he dies of exhaustion!  And boy is he FAST!

My tent perfectly positioned for morning shade (on Sunday) Not helpful on Monday when it will need to dry out to leave.

John (top) and Bob each head out on Sunday

I went into Missoula on Sunday to have lunch with my amazing niece.

My tent and bike on Sunday night.

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Last Modified: 7/2/2018