Trip to Montana on 1988 BMW R100GS Motorcycle- June 2018

Day 4 - 

Thursday- The night was quiet and dry except for the massive splatter of bird poop on my rainfly.  I was up and gone earlier than 
most folks and headed north. While taking down the rainfly I found 2 stonefles on the inside- the first I’ve ever seen as live bugs. 
I tossed them in the river but no fish took them. I was hoping to ride the  backroad that parallels US 93 starting from about Shoup, Idaho. 
But shortly after heading out I ran into rain so put on raingear again.

Here we go again.

Was passed by another rider on a newer, bigger BMW in raingear. I caught him at the gas pumps in Salmon and we talked briefly.  
He admired my 30 year old motorcycle.   I continued in the rain.

At the wide spot called North Fork I turned west on the North Fork road toward Shoup. Last night the fellow said that Spring Creek Rd 
headed north  the way I wanted to go and was ‘big bike friendly’  so I rode west toward lighter rain and lighter skies. The rain had stopped 
when I reached the intersection with Spring Creek Rd so I turned up the road. It was graded gravel.  As it neared some residences the 
gravel got less and less and as I went onward I finally came to a fairly steep hill with no gravel but recently wetted sand/mud.  
Once again I considered my risk factors and decided to turn around.  Actually, the descent was kind of hairy as my engine was a bit 
high-geared for good holdback and using much front brake was raising the risk. But I made it back down to pavement safely. 

Spring Creek road started out ok but the gravel went away. Decision was because of the steep hill (can't tell in the pic)

I turned east . Since the rain had stopped I took off my raingear and enjoyed cruising the twisty paved road.   Back on US 93 headed I north.

Over Lost Trail Pass and headed down – uh oh.  Put the raingear back on barely  in time.   

Lost Trail Pass - 48 mi to go. And into raingear - again.

And so I arrived in Hamilton in light rain.  I had lunch at Subway, refueled then headed over to Steve's (ShadyRascal) place.

 I setup my tent next to another guy after aligning it to a tree using a magnetic compass. Aligning for morning shade.  But the rainy weather 
Thurs, Fri and Sat made that kind of a waste of time.  And it slowed my dryout for Monday departure. Oh well.  I showered and shaved.

Bikes under cover because of the rain

Destination - between rain showers

I was watching the weather come and go and decided to jump into my tent about 2130 before the next shower. Good decision.
About 10 min later we had big wind gusts and hard rain with it for about 20 minutes.  I was pleased that my tent  weathered it just perfectly.
It's noisy, yes, but it was dry inside.

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Last Modified: 7/2/2018